Tuesday, January 21, 2014

January 6, 2014

Elder Low's report:
This week I’ve been reading quite a bit in the beginning of the Book of Mormon particularly about Nephi. Throughout the Book of Mormon Nephi was an incredibly faithful and humble servant of the Lord, leading his brothers and family to constantly choose the right and follow the Lord. He stayed true even when it was hard to do so, and as a result became one of the shining examples of God's servants, and acquired and demonstrated to us how to acquire the blessings and attributes of God. I have often wondered why Nephi was so great. What was it that caused him to be so true, kind and humble? I found the answer when reading in first Nephi. For he states there and wanting to know whether his father was telling the truth about the things of God, he humbled himself, prayed, received an answer from the Holy Ghost and stayed true to that witness. Thus we see that what defined this man from the rest was his humility to ask, and his steadfastness in sticking to the answer he had received.

We went back Tuesday to the lady I talked about last week with a printed out Joseph Smith history as requested and we met with her and the two other pastors she was staying with. She was nice and sort of open but we just felt really weird there, which now I think was probably the other pastor, and as a result it wasn't a very powerful lesson. We then didn't talk with her until Saturday when we felt prompted to invite her to church. She said she needed a ride. We got her one. It was fast and testimony meeting and during a silence she decided to get up and bear her testimony that last Sunday she had been praying about what the Lord wanted her to do next and before she finished the prayer her son walked in and told her two young men in ties were standing at the door. She then identified us in the audience and said, "These two young boys gave me a copy of Joseph Smith's first vision and I believe they were the answer to my prayer. I have read it, and I too testify with the rest of you that Joseph Smith truly was a prophet of God."
It was astounding.

God answers prayers to all that ask, but what defines spiritual power and development is when we humble ourselves to that answer, listen and obey.

Elder Low.

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