Thursday, January 2, 2014

December 30, 2013

Elder Low's report:

This week I've been reading in Mormon and Moroni about the many chances the Lord gives to his people. After much destruction among the Nephite people, these prophets state that this book is proof of God's love for his people and his mercy unto them, showing that as long as men will come unto Jesus Christ, they will always have the opportunity to do so.

This week was incredible. We truly felt those tender mercies that the Lord offers, but we were having a little bit of a difficulty in finding people who would progress, and being led to the elect we knew God had waiting for us. On Sunday we stared at the map of our area and prayed and pondered about where the Lord wanted us to go. We thought and finally both decided on a street that we knew very little about. We went there, and realized we'd be led there earlier that week while looking for a harvest spot and had decided against it that day, but this time feeling that God needed us there, we began to knock. It was a hard street, and very few people were willing to pray, but we knew that God had sent us and we kept knocking. Finally we came to the last door on the street. We knocked and the boy at the door went to go get his mom who introduced herself as Reverend Kelly and gratefully accepted the prayer. We prayed, and asked her how she felt. Nearly in tears she explained how she had been humbled in the last 2 years and how she was relying on God to show her what she should do. Before we could even testify that we'd been sent of God, she said, "He has told me that I need to find out about the truth behind Joseph Smith's first vision."
... We were speechless. We just met this lady and had not said anything about Joseph Smith. She explained that she had investigated the church in the past, and we made a return appointment.

This experience was truly faith building for me. Not only had the Lord been merciful to us, but had been merciful to her and once again sent us to her door, exactly at the point when God had told her to seek us out.

Elder Low.

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