Tuesday, January 21, 2014

January 21, 2014

Elder Low's report:
This week I’ve been reading much in the later part of Mosiah and the beginning of Alma, and recently ended up in Alma 5. I knew this chapter to be a power house of a chapter, but I had never realized just how profound these questions are where made personal. Alma asks not only those that he is talking to historically, but also us as the reader, have we been sufficiently humble?

This week we had exchanges for a day, and I was quite terrified of having to take over the area for a day, mostly because we had been searching very hard this week for new harvest spots, places we believed we had been lead to in which people we would know that we specifically could touch the hearts of. As we parked in the place which I felt was where we needed to be, I prayed to start and said, "please allow us to find 5 people who will pray with us, and let 2 of them be willing to progress in this gospel."

I don't know why I said that? The way it popped into the prayer seemed strange. Nevertheless we started harvesting. We harvested until dark and had only 3 people pray with us and only one was interested. We began to walk back to the car but as we did, the fact that I had said 5 people, and 2 interested in my prayer returned to my mind, and I felt strongly that we needed to continue to harvest. We went back to a building that we had knocked once before, but no one had answered. We knocked the first door and that lady prayed with us but was not interested. We knocked the second door, and an elderly lady opened, and said she was busy. We testified that we had been sent of Jesus Christ, something changed in her and she agreed to pray. We asked her what we could pray for, and she said her daughter was in rehab. As Elder Steward offered the prayer, I could feel the spirit and when I opened my eyes I could see she felt it as well. We invited her to baptism and she said yes. That made 5, and 2 interested.

If we are humble enough to listen to the promptings of the Holy Ghost we shall see miracles.

Elder Low

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