Thursday, January 2, 2014

December 23, 2013

Okay so this is going to be really difficult without a backspace, but I only have like ten minutes to write this.
So…. I went to transfer meeting on Wednesday and my MTC companions were also there.
Elder T got transferred out of his greeny area this transfer as well Elder P got white washed out of his. Elder T told him we were going to take that area over, but Elder P said we'd try to whitewash Key West instead.
The transfers get called from most northern to most southern.
Elder T still hadn’t been called by the time they started calling homestead zone, the most southern zone.
We look and at each other and say, "We are whitewashing key west!"
"Beachside west," they called "Elder T and Elder U."
Well Elder T’s out of the running, I thought but I still had not been called.
"Key Marathon," they call, "Elder M and Elder S."
My mouth dropped. I am the last elder without a call and everyone has been called somewhere else.
There's only one area that hasn't been called, that meant,
"key west," they called, "Elder H. and Low."
“Yeessssssssssss,” I screamed out loud during the meeting by was awkward.
But yeah I'm in the most southern place in the United States, pretty cool.

from Key West,
Elder Low.

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