Tuesday, January 21, 2014

January 13, 2014

Elder Low's report: 
This week I’ve been reading about the teachings of Abinidi. I love how he taught with such simplicity; he stated what was wrong and boldly stated that those who had transgressed against such had to repent. Though his speech was very eloquently put really it's message was practice what you preach and if you speak of keeping the commandments, of honesty and truth, then live those same principles.

This came into play for us a lot this week, but in particular I really felt it's affects during one particular harvest. We were knocking doors quite late and though it wasn't bad outside there was quite a wind. Many people would open their doors and nearly lose the door in the wind, and many people used that as an excuse to not accept the prayer. About halfway through the harvest we knocked on a door and a man opened up the door. We stated that we were representatives of Jesus Christ, and that we were there to share a prayer with him and his family. He seemed interested but stated that he just simply didn't have the time at this point to pray with us. We testified of our having been sent by God to his door, but it was obvious that though he was interested he wasn't going to budge on this. So we said, "Alright, well we will be in the area tomorrow at 5, can we come back then and share this prayer with you?"
He agreed and we left.
The next day we felt rather busy, and as 5 was rolling around we didn't feel like we had the time to keep our word. However we felt that if we were going to teach honesty we needed to practice it, so we went back over.
We knocked the door and not only he was there but so was his son, who seemed very uplifted by the prayer. We invited them to be baptized and they said yes. We are now teaching them.

I know that as we demonstrate through example the message that we hold so dearly we will see that people will know that we are representatives of Jesus Christ even before we open our mouths.

Elder Low

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