Friday, July 26, 2013

July 22, 2013

Dear Family,
As far as my letters being short…….ummmmmm I think Tanner's right I'm just slow at typing.
I don't have any one to compare to but I thought my letters were really long to be honest.
It rains all the time here...and not like calgary rain. It’s like you have swimming pools instead of puddles in an hour. In fact a couple days ago we were riding to an investigators house named Jose (he's super cool) and it just started. Luckily we were really close by that point so we just went to go knock at his door. Unluckily he had a doctor’s appointment and wasn't home.
Elder X. looked at me and said, "Well worse things have happened to mankind."
At this point though I wasn't sure that that was true though because we were going to be soaked.
But there wasn't a lot we could have done right there so we decided to try to go to a member’s house and take shelter. So here we are, this is something like my second week, and we are biking through torrential rain, with lightning dancing around us, as we ride on big metal bikes.
But I remembered in church being taught that whenever you were having a hard time, just sing a primary song so there in that storm I started to sing, “I like to look for rainbows."
But yeah Miami is cool. The people are great and we eat beans and rice for every meal.
It rains a ton but honestly I after the first week it wasn't a big deal.

Elder Low's Weekly Report:

So his week, for Book of Mormon studies, I thought a lot about Alma 56, which talks about the 2000 stripling warriors. I don't think the words of Helaman ever hit me so hard before. "they had never seen battle, but they did not fear death... for they did think more upon the liberty of their fathers then they did upon their lives.... we did not doubt, our mothers knew it."
One of the most foundational parts of the gospel message is love for our fellow man.
Jesus said in the New Testament that the greatest commandment was to love the Lord thy God with all your heart might mind and strength, and the second is like unto it, that thou shalt love they neighbor as thyself, upon these two laws hang all the laws and the prophets.
This is reiterated in Corinthians by Paul when he gives his discourse on charity, saying that all we do is for not if we have not charity.
This week I have found that truth is not enough to change the hearts of men, it has to be the spirit, but we cannot use the power of the spirit if we do not truly love and want the best for the people we claim to be trying to help.
How the message is presented is just as important as the message itself. Even though the message is the true, it will be the spirit brought about by your love of your God and the love you have for the person you are teaching that will touch their hearts and prove to them that it is true.
As important as our studies and work are, our tools and our teaching skills, they are nothing in comparison to the love we have for people.
It was this love that gave the 2000 their strength, it was the love that the mothers had for their two thousand that instilled them with that faith, and I have learned that it is this love that converts people, that this is the reason we want to convert people, so they can have that love in their hearts as well.
Everything I have been taught about missionary work has said that if I have not the spirit, I shall not teach.
This is true but I don't think I ever understood how I would obtain that spirit before. What was the proper environment by which I would have the spirit to teach?
The more people we harvest and talk to the more I realize that they remember very little of what we say, and remember a lot more of the love they felt behind our words.

I pray for you always family.


Elder Low

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