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June 25, 2013

Hello Family,
Tell dad thanks for the pictures of the flood, it really made me realize the magnitude of what's going on up there, and I will continue to pray for you.
Okay so first off I am on back in a three elder companionship with Elder T, as Elder P got reassigned earlier this week, (I swear I've never heard of anyway who's had more companions in the MTC than Elder T. Most people have one. As you recall his first companion went home, than he was sort of with the zone leaders, than he was sort of with us, than he got Elder P, and then back to us. That's 6 for those of keeping track back home :) so that's cool, but even cooler is that we got our travel plans this week!
Whhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaatttt's up?  We leave the MTC on July 2 (next Tuesday) at 2:30am and fly out of salt lake at 6:00am, so that's pretty dank. I know we have a layover somewhere.... but I don't recall where or for how long. Anyways later this week you should give me the details of when you want me to call from the airport.

Oh sorry I should have expanded on the root beer thing.
It actually was really cool; we used all the stuff to have a little fiesta in the residence.
No one was really sure as to what was up with the watermelon popcorn, but it was a good conversation starter. Unfortunately said conversation mostly involved me assuring the Americans that watermelon popcorn is not a Canadian delicacy.

As for what's up down here; as you probably know there was a huge mission conference broadcast thingy that went down, which also coincided with the mission president training. Now I'm not sure when it started getting announced for you guys in the real world, but we started getting hints about it around 1 week ago, and by hints I mean they kicked us out of the main building to accommodate the mission presidents. Anyways, probably 5 days ago something weird happened. We were chilling in our residence hall and the 2 way intercom comes on and the voice says: "can elder P, Low T, K, and B please pick up the building phone and call the main desk?"
 We all looked at each other, and timidly said "...yea.."
and the voice hung up. Putting our shoes back on we were all a little freaked out. In our many days of MTC experience this was a first. As far as we knew we hadn’t broken some new no doing yoga outside rule or maybe someone had somehow figured out that it had been us that had sneaked the dart guns into the dorm (just joking, that was Elder H).
As we descended to the lower phone my companion turned to me and asked,
"What do you think it is elder?" and I said "probably the second coming."
Elder T picked up the phone and got the most cryptic message I've ever heard in the MTC.
All they said was attend a meeting at in the main building at 10:30am the next day, looking like a perfect example of a missionary. It was weird bro.
So we came into that room on time, dressed up and there were 4 other elder's in the room who had received the same cryptic call, and none that we talked to knew what was going on.
At this point I was still sure it was the second coming.
I was barely disappointed.
One of the leaders of the MTC came into the room and the man got up and said, "many of you have been told by your branch presidents that you have been chosen to serve the sacrament in the large gymnasium for all of the elders and sisters in the MTC (which we had.) but that is false."
The room went silent,
"You are instead herby asked to pass the sacrament in the mission president’s seminary, which will be held on Sunday in the room next to us. This meeting will be attended by all of the new mission presidents, 11 of the twelve apostles, the first presidency, and the prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints."
We were stunned!
He went on to say that for security reasons you are not allowed to tell anyone about this until this sacrament meeting is adjourned, three days from now.
I will tell you, that first day that was the hardest secret I've had to keep since the time I saved accidently over one of our cousin’s original Mario games on zsnes.
When our zone leader asked us what the meeting was about, I felt like Nephi, having just been commanded to slay Laban but I kept it on the DL.  In the end I was actually personally passing to the back of the room, but the feeling of being, not chosen, nor called, but asked, brings to mind the scripture, "many are called, but few are chosen and why are they not chosen?"
More sacred than my call to serve the prophet the sacrament is my call to serve God in bringing his children back unto Him.  I hope that through my actions and my obedience that I may be also chosen that He may say unto at the last day;
"Well done ye good, and faithful servant."

Elder Low.
(PS: These pictures are from the MTC, Elder T Elder H and Elder P)

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