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July 29, 2013

Hey people of Canada, 

I can’t find any raingear down here even though it rains all of the time. I love my companion and I my Spanish, well mi espanol es no bien, pero llega a ser mejor dia por dia. Entonces esta bien.  
The members are really good (maybe too good) about feeding us, so there is no chance I'll starve, and the money with the mission card is fine. I mean it's not like I'm buying turkey dinner, but it's all good. My supply of cash is a little low because I bought a side bag to conform with new mission rules, but that's okay too.
My apartment has spiders and cockroaches and all that jazz, but you get used to it really fast, other than that it's actually a really good apartment. 
I saw a mouse in the morning a while ago and then named him john, when we killed him, I had a day of mourning, which basically entailed me eating breakfast all day.....get it? morning? breakfast?
(((((((((((: (Editor’s note, you can see that Dallin still has the same corny sense of humor). But life is good.
This week in the Book of Mormon I read in Enos which was a book that I had pretty much ignored before my mission, but now have really come to admire Enos. Enos was just a regular guy before he took his pinnacle hunting trip, he hunted and probably preformed regular social activities. To what degree he practiced his religion is not recorded; in fact the only thing we really know about Enos is that his father was a prophet and had taught him about Jesus Christ, and that through Christ all might receive a remission of their sins. We know not to what degree he believed in his religion in his past, but we do know that he had sinned in the past, as he spends all day and all night crying unto the Lord for a forgiveness of his sins, and that this event changed his life.
Enos was taught the word of God probably since he was a child, yet it was only as a man that he came to understand them, and came to understand them to such a degree that he too like his father becomes a prophet of God. This is incredibly interesting to me, and reminds me of the words the Lord said to Samuel, "For man looketh on the outward appearance, but God looketh on the heart." How oft the father of Enos must have cried to the Lord that he might understand, and how oft many people must have thought that Enos never would.
And yet when no one was looking, and possibly when no one was expecting it, he changed into a prophet of the almighty.
I can only imagine the surprise and joy in the eyes of his father when he say his son return, no longer the man he was.
God prepares and helps in his own time and in his own ways, and this often means when we're not even looking. But he does help, and he does prepare, our calling is to trust in him, and keep doing what we are able to.
Though in the end Enos repented out of the sight of his father, can we imagine what would have occurred if his father had given up on his and not preached the words that would one day ring in his mind and eventually bring to pass his conversion because he felt like he couldn't see the results?
This week we've had the opportunity to teach a fairly new investigator, he's tons of problems in the past, it seems when we weren't even looking he has changed.
This particular investigator reminds me incredibly of Enos, his father was a member of the church, yet for a long time he has been away from those teachings that his father cherished.
but in Gods own time, and in his own way he has brought his back to the knowledge of the truth,
and I am fully sure that this man has the potential to be one of the saints of God, that as he is wrought on and feels the power of the Lord's majesty, this man who before many may thought would never change, very well may have the chance to walk in through the gates of the temple of the almighty."

Elder Low

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