Tuesday, December 23, 2014

November 3, 2014

Elder Low's Report:

This week I’ve been reading in Mosiah. The part that particularly struck me this week I found in Mosiah 8. As Ammon talks to King Limhi he tells him some exciting news about the power of God given to individuals on the earth. When the king hears this, in his joy he talks about the great mercy that God has for man, made evident by the fact that he gives such power unto men even when they so often leave his protective care:

 20 O how marvelous are the works of the Lord, and how long doth he suffer with his people; yea, and how blind and impenetrable are the understandings of the children of men; for they will not seek wisdom, neither do they desire that she should rule over them!
 21 Yea, they are as a wild flock which fleeth from the shepherd, and scattereth, and are driven, and are devoured by the beasts of the forest.
I love this because many times we also act like that. We don't want to be ruled, even if it would have been wisdom that would rule over us. however, also found in these verses is the promise that the Lord in his mercy will still protect all those who will humble themselves and come unto him, even as a shepherd protects his flock.

At the beginning of this week we had a lot of trouble finding people. We kept trying to apply the principles that we knew brought success, but we just weren't having success. Finally we decided to pray to the Lord, put in our best effort and let him take care of the rest. We did so, and still through our practical methods we didn't find anyone. As we continued working however we got a text from a member. She told us her mother had at one point in time been to church and accepted a baptismal date, and would be coming to church. We also on Sunday morning knocked on a door of a less active that was super happy to see us and came to church for the first time in months.

I know that as we apply the wise principles the Lord has provided, he will bless us, not always how we expect, but he will bless us.

Elder Low. 

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