Tuesday, December 23, 2014

November 24, 2014

Elder Low's Report:

This week I read in Alma, about both Alma and Amulek as well as about the sons of Mosiah.
Alma chapter 14 particularly interested me, not because of any one particular verse, but because throughout the whole thing they stick together. Through all their trials they endure together.

This week the district really did awesome at helping one another. We had training on unity right before specialized training, which was than reemphasized there. The district members really took this to heart. Many of them asked for help on real problems that they were having in their areas and as a result, things that would have been difficult on their own, were easily accomplished as a district. As a result, two people received baptismal interviews, one was baptized this past week, and the other is to be baptized the next. They are doing awesome.

We also really tried to apply this in our area, especially with unity with the members. One such instance we received a phone call from a member who... well we really couldn't quite understand what he wanted but he told us to go visit a person named Velma at a certain address. Without the proper info, it was going to be difficult and awkward, but we decided that this was an act of faith by this member, and that we needed to trust him. We went immediately. When we got there, all we could say was, "we don't know why we're here, but we're looking for Velma." She turned out to be a less active that needed a blessing. We sat and talked to her and her family. Her husband and sister are not members. We invited them to church. A lot of our investigators did not come to church that week, but one of those did. 

I know as we act in unity with one another upon the principles of righteousness, we will do so much more good and we will be hastening the work, that all those who are waiting shall hear the word of the Lord.

Elder Low.

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