Wednesday, October 15, 2014

September 15, 2014

Elder Low's Report:
 This week I read quite a bit in the Book of Mormon (meaning the section before the book of Ether). Throughout this book the author, Mormon, records much of the decline of the Nephite civilization as a result of their wickedness. Though this book contains some of the most saddening events that happen in all of the Book of Mormon, it is always very interesting to me to see how the Lord's promises are always fulfilled, as well as to watch the actions of Mormon himself, as he strives to live the commandments of God, while living among a people who had chosen not to.  Particularly I found it interesting this time noting the love that Mormon shows towards this people, even when he feels like he can do nothing for them.
  11 And it came to pass that I, Mormon, did utterly refuse from this time forth to be a commander and a leader of this people, because of their wickedness and abomination.

 12 Behold, I had led them, notwithstanding their wickedness I had led them many times to battle, and had loved them, according to the love of God which was in me, with all my heart; and my soul had been poured out in prayer unto my God all the day long for them...
Even when we feel like there is nothing we can do, as we demonstrate sincere love towards those we teach and serve, truly having their best interest in mind, miracles can occur, and if, or when they decide to act, we will be there already waiting to help them up.
This week we had the wonderful privilege of helping a man be baptized. It was awesome to feel the spirit at his baptismal service. But to tell you just how much of a miracle this man's baptism was I have to start three transfers ago. On my first day with Elder S (my last companion) we contacted a man on the side of the road who was staring at us. We prayed with him and invited him to baptism He said he felt the spirit, and though professed to be an internet pastor himself, accepted the invitation. He introduced himself. From what I could tell at that time, he needed to go to the YSA elders, so we passed him. This transfer 4 months later we ran into him again. He said that something had happened and the elder's had not been able to get in contact with him. We said another prayer with him and asked him if he remembered what we had offered to him last time. He said, "To be baptized!" He came to church and loved it. We lost contact for a week and re-found him on Wednesday. We sat down and began to teach starting with the restoration. After we explained to him the first vision we asked him what it meant to him. He said, "it means I want to be a Mormon!" we then in the following 30 minutes went over the commandments one by one, ready to talk about any problems he might have. To our great surprise however, following every single one, all he would say is, "that is beautiful, I think everyone should live that.On Saturday, we went over and testified to him, that as he stays strong in this church, that he will receive the greatest happiness possible.
I know that because we showed love towards this man even when we thought we would not be the ones to teach him, we helped him know of the validity of this message, and he was able to take that step of baptism.
Elder Low.

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