Wednesday, October 15, 2014

October 6, 2014

Elder Low's report:
So I’ve been continuing my chronological reading in the Book of Mormon, and I think I’m in 1nephi 20, but for this email I actually instead wanted to talk about another place in the Book of Mormon that I only read a little, but has had a really powerful effect on me recently. It’s in Jacob 5. I wasn't planning on reading there, but during our transfers meeting as my name came up onto the board, instantly the scripture came into my mind. Jacob 5 talks about the Lord's scattering of Israel. It talks about to save the people from their own wickedness and to give them the ability to grow and produce fruits of righteousness he took them and scattered them abroad. He sends them to many different places, some bad, and some good, and some even the best. At one point one of the servants chastises the Lord, telling him the place where he planted was the worst plot of land, to which he responds:
22 ... Counsel me not; I knew that it was a poor spot of ground; wherefore, I said unto thee, I have nourished it this long time, and thou beholdest that it hath brought forth much fruit.
He later reemphasizes his loving care for his vineyard as he states multiple times, "what more could I have done for my vineyard?"
I love this part, because it shows how truly the Lord is mindful of our situations, especially when considering transfers, it demonstrates that he knows our circumstances, and has ordained us to be where he has sent us. He knows what kind of spot of land it is, that is why he sends us there.
This week I was transferred to Blue Lagoon West with Elder S.  Instantly we went to work. We had trouble keeping our teaching pool up, and so we agreed according to our prior experience that we needed to start anew. We went on splits; Elder S used his knowledge of the ward to get two members out. He went to go see if anyone still wanted to be taught, and I went out to harvest to find those who would be willing. The member and I were knocking at night and at first both he and I were a little hesitant, but as we walked we saw a woman going to her house. He told me I should go contact her. I really didn't want to. He asked again and I heeded him. I called out and she let us pray. The spirit filled the scene and she accepted baptism and everything else. He said he felt so good. By the end of the night it was hard to get him to stop harvesting...
I know we are sent to places because that is where God needs us. There is no question there. The only question becomes, will we seek to fulfill that need? Will we magnify that call?
Elder Low

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