Monday, July 14, 2014

June 16, 2014

Elder Low's report:

This week I've been reading quite a bit in the end of the Book of Mormon. Even though it always makes me sad to see the falling away and destruction of a once righteous people, the end of the Book of Mormon also brings me great comfort as it demonstrates that all the Lord's words and promises are fulfilled, and as is stated in the last section. "as many as have not been yet fulfilled, shall yet be fulfilled. The Lord shall always bless those who follow him, whether that is directly or indirectly.
This week we saw a lot of miracles finding. People everywhere were being touched by the spirit as we boldly testified of the restoration of the gospel and the steps that we needed to take to obtain the blessings that flowed from it. Saturday after having had quite a successful day we realized at about 8pm we had not done our full hour of harvesting rather we had only done 20 minutes. Even though we knew there were other people that we could try to go to so that they could come to church, we decided we wanted the blessings of harvesting instead, and so we started knocking the adjacent area that we had prayed about. As the night and the time drew to a close, an old lady opened after we knocked and accepted the prayer. At first we had the feeling that she didn't really have any desire to change decided not to try to go in the house. After asking about her family however she went to go get her granddaughter. Her granddaughter at first was quite hostile towards us, but in less than a minute of talking asked us to come in and pray with the family. After the prayer she told us that something had told her to let us in, which she normally would never do. She excitedly asked us to come back and teach her so she could come closer to Christ.
As we follow the commandments of God, trying to do as he would have us do and living as he would have us live, and trust that he will provide miracles he will. It is that simple. Those who follow the commandments of God shall prosper in the land.

Elder Low.

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