Monday, July 14, 2014

July 8, 2014

Elder Low's report:

This week I read in moroni 7, and came to a scripture that I'd been looking for a long time: 
48 Wherefore, my beloved brethren, pray unto the Father with all the energy of heart, that ye may be filled with this love, which he hath bestowed upon all who are true followers of his Son, Jesus Christ; that ye may become the sons of God; that when he shall appear we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is; that we may have this hope; that we may be purified even as he is pure. Amen.
I love this scripture, because it shows the reward that the righteous shall receive, and why all pure desires lead back to the gospel of Jesus Christ. In the end all we want, all anyone wants is to become like Jesus Christ, to be pure even as he is pure, and help others to do the same.

This week we doing really good in everything but finding. Investigators were progressing, people were overcoming their problems, but we were still having a hard time finding and keeping in contact with people who would accept the message. We were really anxious because we knew the transfer date was drawing near but we knew the Lord would help us. We knew that if we came unto him and did as he commanded he would make our joy full, and help us feel fulfilled. Near the end of the week, it seemed that no one would be baptized. We invited some investigators to the Fourth of July ward party and went with them. While there the bishop pulled us aside. Thinking it would be something simple I went with him not paying a whole lot of attention. To my great surprise, he stated "that woman over there….her record is lost. She needs to be rebaptized. Teach her and baptize her this Sunday." We did so. We taught her and interviewed her and baptized her in two days. At first I wasn't sure I was going to feel fulfilled by that but as she came out of the water, knowing that she had achieved what she wanted so badly, to be officially, and undoubtedly clean before her Heavenly Father, I felt it. And I knew from the feeling that I felt, that the Lord was pleased with our work. 

Though we will never be perfect, the Lord will provide for those who strive towards him. And one day, if we do strive, he will give us the opportunity to stand before him, clean, even as he is clean.

Elder Low.

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