Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March 24, 2014

Elder Low's report:

This week I was studying a lot about Aaron as he taught king Lamoni's father in Alma 22 after he and his brethren are released by Ammon. I've always loved the plea to the father that the king says after he is taught, it shows true humility and really emphasizes the characteristics of someone who is truly repentant and is ready for the converting power of the Lord.

This week we spent a lot of time on finding. We tried to think of every place that we had felt prompted to go to in the past, praying that we would find the elect, and knocking until we found them. In particular we tried a huge trailer park that I had never so much as entered in my two transfers here. We had been driving past it and my companion asked what was in there. I confessed I didn't know, and we began to knock. After a bit we came to a door and a young man invited us in. He said he was a musician and gratefully accepted the prayer hoping that it would give him guidance and comfort. After the prayer, before we could ask how he felt, he whispered "I felt that." We stated that God had called us there to call him to be baptized. He whispered excitedly, "baptized." several times over and then said he wanted to. Having seen the problem of people saying they'd been baptized before, we said, "even if you've been baptized before-" but the man cut us off excitedly before we could even finish, saying, "Oh I've been baptized before, but I'm pretty sure I need to be baptized again."

I know that as we exemplify the Savior's teachings those who are honestly seeking for Christ will feel the spirit, know the message is of God, and follow, not doubting, but trusting the witness they have received unto belief action and conversion, even as the father of king Lamoni did, stating: "yea, I believe that [God] created all things, and I desire that ye should tell me concerning all these things, and I will believe thy words."

Elder Low.

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