Tuesday, March 4, 2014

February 18, 2014

Elder Low's report:

This week I've been reading quite in Alma, particularly about when Ammon and his brothers were on their missions among the Lamanites. I love the stories of these missionaries as they showed incredible courage, love and diligence when before such powerful and aggressive people. Their boldness and simplicity as they taught the basics of the gospel, and their eventual ability to testify that the truthfulness of such things, could be only taught through a witness from God to answer the burning questions both King Lamoni and his father had. These answers and witness of the Spirit caused nearly an entire nation of people to turn to God and receive of the joy that comes from him.

This week we were super excited about Elder Kipiscke's technique that he demonstrated about showing the investigator the power of revelation in connection with church services and we were super excited to help our investigators understand it. We tried to talk to a lot of our progressing investigators to do that, but for some reason we were having a very difficult time meeting with them. Finally Saturday rolled around and we were searching very hard to try to get people to church. As a result we ended up teaching a pretty old investigator named Mario, who has been investigating for nearly a year, and in that time has only come about 3 times. We invited him over to the church for a lesson Saturday night, and brought a different member than we usually did. He came and told us of all these questions he had about God and his relationship to him. We testified of the answers but somehow he still couldn't accept them. Finally we told him that a witness of such answers comes only as we put forth our faith and commitment to God in coming to church, bringing our question with us, and pondering and praying about it during the service. We then promised him that if he did that, he would receive an answer. He agreed but didn't seem very solid about the answer and we were pretty worried. But we called him in the morning and hoped for the best. While we were driving to the church, he calls us and asks where we are. He then stated that he was in the parking lot. We drove over and showed him into the church and his new member friend invited him to sit by him. In the past Mario has told us he doesn't like church, but he smiled all the way through that service.

I know that as we testify of the power of God, and of his love he will not let us down.

Elder Low

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