Wednesday, August 14, 2013

August 13, 2013

Dear family and friends,

This week I've been reading in 3 Nephi with a lot of my investigators.
particularly 11 and onwards, and I read for one of the first times the sermon on the mount as it is contained in the Book of Mormon rather than the Bible, and I found the be attitudes to have particular significance for me this past week.
These past couple of weeks my companion and I were having a lot of trouble with finding success with harvesting. Sometimes it was that no one was opening their doors, sometimes it was that those who did weren't interesting in praying with us. When those weren't a problem though we found that, being Spanish missionaries, Spanish people just weren't what we were finding.
our harvesting was still good however, on the good days we were able to provide a lot of references to other language missionaries, but I have to admit that I was a bit discouraged by it, and I started to feel like it was affecting how my days were going.
Than last week while accounting with my district leader on a particularly bad day of harvesting, my district leader asked me what I thought was a peculiar question,and that was whether I was enjoying doing harvesting? I said a little, but I did realize than that a lot of the fire I had had when I came out had been extinguished.
This led him to ask us to do a little bit of introspecting, on what it was that we could do to the factors of the work that we controlled to better our harvesting, follow-up and therefore new investigator numbers.
We came to decide among other things that though we had felt that the areas we had been harvesting were to some degree inspired, we had placed a type of harvesting zone out of our plans, and that was trailer parks. So for the next day we planned to harvest there at a trailer park, and pleaded with the Lord that he would give us people that we could teach.
That was 3 days ago I think, and at that point, we were getting about 2.5 harvest blessings a day, and maybe .5 of those were Spanish. Since then we've had about 8 per day, with about 6 of those being Spanish.
This is one of the most drastic miracles I have seen in my mission so far and I credit it to three factors;
1. The tender mercies of the Lord to his servants
2. We did as the savior did, and instead of ignoring the humble, we've acknowledged them as the inheritors of the world (those who will receive the gospel as shown in the scriptures) those who a lot of time have hard times.
3. That in that time of drought of blessings, we had been humbled, and we had come to acknowledge that the Lord alone could provide us with success in our purpose in his work,
and through Him alone could these people receive his gospel.


Elder Low.
PS: Spanish is great.sort of, I'm no professional.

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