Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June 4, 2013

Hola Family,
This week I guess I'll send you something from my personal study journal:
A couple nights ago I had some extra time and decided to pick up Jesus the Christ and began reading it. I didn't really think that much of it as Tanner said no one in his mission actually read it, but I thought I'd give it a shot. it was... surprising to say the least. growing up, the gospels of the new testament are the easiest books to learn about. completely factual historical and chronological overviews of the life of Christ and his ministry that can be read in a very short time. This, combined with the fact that even the top layer of metaphor of the new testament is extremely important to all of Christendom  it is relatively easy to skim over the book as merely an event. "Christ healed the sick, Christ did the sermon on the mount," in a matter of verses, the Saviour and his disciples move across countries! This became extremely evident to me upon reading Jesus the Christ, because it does the exact opposite. every action has a purpose, every story multiple levels of symbolism, and every character a motivation. This made me look especially close at John 21, and particularly the motivations of Peter. From nearly the beginning of the ministry of Christ, Peter had been taught mentored by Christ. But a humble Fisherman, not much is known about his background or social status, mostly because of the irrelevance of the presence of such information in comparison to what he did when called by the Saviour to come and follow him; at which point no matter who he was in the past, disregarding as he had, Peter heeded the call of the Saviour  somehow being touched by the invitation to become a fisher of men.
Between this point and the crucifixion of Christ three years later, Peter dedicates nearly his entire life to Christ, and though little is known about the personal relationship between Christ and Peter, it is beyond contesting that Peter held at the very least an incredible respect for Christ. Perhaps this relationship was one of a Teacher and disciple, or a master and an apprentice  but it certainly puts the mind to ease, to think that perhaps their relationship resembled more of that of a man and his friend. 
Well as far as what is happening in my life here:
My companion Elder P is from Alpine Utah and is a great guy.
I'll send pictures of him and the rest of my Spanish speaking district either later today or next week.
We only have an hour to write these, and we're so busy teaching, being taught, and avoiding work there is little time to plan out weekly letters.
though, but before I finish:
-yes I got the cinnamon buns
-yes they were delicious
-no I am not district leader despite my companions best efforts (thank goodness)
-no I did not eat all twelve cinnamon buns, instead we used most of them to get to know the neighbours.

love you lots.

Elder Low.

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