Tuesday, November 12, 2013

November 11, 2013

Elder Low's report: 

This week I've been reading in all the little books between Jacob and Mosiah that I usually neglect to read, and was particularly impressed with Words of Mormon as it talked about the Lord's purposes, His miraculous power and wisdom, and that if we follow his counsel through the spirit even if we don't know why we're doing so, his power is manifest.

This week we did a really good job at finding new people to teach, new investigators were popping out of the woodwork it seemed, but at the same time we were having a really hard time at translating those new investigators into to people who wanted to progress in the gospel until baptism and beyond.
This was a little discouraging but not very surprising.
It had become obvious this week that though our work habits had bettered, our boldness and courage to challenge our investigators to repent had lowered. This was for sure because of a lack of faith. We had so many investigators tell us that people just don't get baptized in two weeks that we'd begun to believe it, and our faith in the healing and changing power of the atonement had decreased. However the Lord knows how to change his servants so that they'll follow Him.

As we were in this slump and were one day knocking doors, we started talking to a lady. We prayed with her and she seemed to feel the spirit but I still felt it unlikely that she would progress. Luckily the Lord isn't so faithless. I suddenly realized that we needed to invite her to be baptized, we did so, and she accepted without hesitation.
The next day we went over and after readdressing baptism and asking her if she would still continue to prepare. She said "of course" and seemed to be a little confused why we thought it needed to be readdressed.

The power of God in changing hearts is incredible for our investigators and for us.
I marvel that though I was faithless in the Lord's power, still by following the Lord's promptings, He led us to a person waiting for the gospel, and changed my perspective.

Elder Low.

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