Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21, 2013

Elder Low's Report: 

This week I've really read in Jacob 5, about the Lord's vineyard, and what its application was in our work.
In that section of my personal scriptures I have a quote on a little piece of paper that I got from seminary from Jeffery R. Holland. In it Elder Holland comments on the Lord's feelings towards his vineyard as he states three times throughout the chapter after having pruned and watered and dunged, "what more could I have done for my vineyard?"
This week my companion and I were really struggling to find people to teach as a result of our own efforts.
Though there were many people that had consented to a return appointment after our door approach, when we returned many were no longer interested.
 During this time of discouragement, our zone leaders taught us about faith to find during a fire exchange, and told us that as we live worthy and work diligently at receiving inspiration from the Lord, and then put forth faith and work on those answers we receive, we become entitled to the help of the Lord in not only finding people, but finding those people the Lord had prepared for us to teach. This was really good advice that would help me later that week, but at the time I really brushed it off. I thought it was not something I had a problem with.
The next day or so my companion and I had our appointments fall through so we opened up our planner to see where we had planned to harvest, which turned out to be a little trailer park on our map. Looking at the address I remembered that in previously, my trainer and I had found out that place actually no longer existed.  I suggested that we change our harvest spot and pray to find a new place to harvest. My companion consented and said the prayer. During the prayer he said, "and Lord please help Elder Low that he will have more faith in the inspiration that you give us, that we may go where we need to be."
At the end of the prayer I said, "alright fine we'll go to the trailer park."
The trailer park didn't exist anymore of course, but harvesting in the area where we thought we had been sent we found a man who accepted baptism and the church.
The Lord sends his help, but what must be really frustrating to him is when we don't take it.

Elder Low

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