Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Possum Adventure

We went to the church for correlation meeting with our ward mission leader at 9 as well as to go on an knocking doors/interview exchange with the zone leaders, and while waiting in between the two in the chapel hallway, I hear something in the roof above me. I thought it was nothing but then I heard it again, like... little paws moving from roof tile to roof tile. I tell Elder C to stop and listen, and he hears it too. He says, "Aw man not again." Apparently they had caught animals before in the roof in this chapel. "It’s possums," he said. We call the member in charge of building maintenance who says he'll be coming in a couple of minutes and that he'll need our help. As we're waiting the zone leaders show up as well as the rest of the district to have a comp study. They all (minus the sisters) want in. By the time the member gets there half of us are running following the noises in the roof, while the other half is running away from the sounds for fear that it'll break through and attack (I plead the 5th on telling which group I was a part of). The member goes up and pulls out a cage trap and lowers it towards the trash can the zone leaders have placed beneath. As he does, slowly it is revealed, a very much alive, a baby possum, about 40 cm long. All seems to be under control until it starts to move towards the hands of Elder L (our zone leader) who is holding the cage. It scares him and the cage drops. The back breaks and the possum jumps onto the member’s leg. We all scream and it goes flying towards the door which is gladly opened. Only after opening the door and letting it escape do we realize it will just come back. So my companion and I and the zone leaders and Brother C run outside and for about twenty minutes chasing a possum through the bushes of the church until Elder N finally catches it. The last we saw of it, it was in the back of Brother C’s truck, heading back to the everglades.

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