Monday, September 16, 2013

August 19, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,
This week I decided I should go back to the basics, and started reading a bit in 1 Nephi, particularly in chapter 17.
In this chapter Nephi is commanded to build a ship, in a manner that he says himself is not after the knowledge or learnings of men, but he trusted in the Lord fully and completely, building it after the manner that he was shown. During the construction of the ship Nephi tells of the secret behind this success, "for if the Lord hath commanded me to stretch forth my hand and command this water, be ye earth, it would be so." The story of Nephi in any respect is the power and mercy of the Lord.
Nephi was not especially knowledgeable that is mentioned, he was not especially experienced,
and though he says that he was large in stature, he still was one of the youngest sons of Lehi.
Where Nephi excelled was his faith, his trust in the Lord and his purposes to help and support his children, knowing that if it was commanded of the Lord, a way would be prepared. This had some particular effect on me this week.
My last letter talked about how me and my companion started to harvest in trailer parks with miraculous results in the number of harvest blessings we were able to perform.
Unfortunately up to this point, none of those miraculous blessings turned into new investigators, and I found myself truly wondering what it was we needed to do.
Then after a lesson with an investigator, me and my companion having a bit of time before our next appointment decided we'd harvest a bit in the area we were in, though we knew very little about the area and whether or not there were very many Spanish people for us to teach.
We knocked 2 doors, and the second was a little Spanish family, the dad having a mother who was Mormon and seemed eager to learn more, and I felt the spirit testify that the Lord had sent us here.
Afterwards I felt like Moses must of on the mountain as he conversed with the Lord, having seen his many workings and exclaimed, "Now I know that man is nothing, which thing I had never supposed before."
After all our plans and might mind and strength have been spent in trying to find new people, in the end we are all still beggars before the Lord, he asks us to do all we can yes, but without his hand in our workings, all we can do is nothing before his power, and infinite mercy.

Love you guys,

Elder Low

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